After exploring with the IBM Bluemix Container Service, I’ve created a few snippets of code to refer to that might help others trying to get started.

Note: Any command starting with cf ic means you’ll be working on containers in Bluemix.

List docker images in your private registry on Bluemix

cf ic images

Copy Docker Hub image to your private registry Bluemix

cf ic cpi library/nginx

Note: myNamespace is the namespace that I had set on my first attempt to create a container on’s web console. More information about that here:

Find your container namespace

cf ic info

Run a container in Bluemix, name the container nginxContainer

cf ic run -d --name nginxContainer -p 8080:80

List all containers

cf ic ps -a

Stop container

cf ic stop <container id>

Kill container

cf ic kill <container id>

Remove container

cf ic rm <container id>

List IPs that are available to your containers

cf ic ip list

Obtain an IP to use with containers

cf ic ip request

Bind an IP to a container (required to access the server)

cf ic ip bind <container ip> <container id>